Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that forming a national unity government is a priority and there is no room for partial solutions. Speaking from Adis Ababa, where he is attending the Eight Conference of the African Union, President Abbas stressed that a unity government that is committed to the agreements signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization is a priority and that there is no room for ‘partial solutions’.

The President reiterated his call for early presidential and legislative elections unless such a government is formed.

In a speech before the conference, the Palestinian president asserted that any likely Palestinian government should be capable of enforcing law and order and bring to a halt all forms of chaos and security laps for the sake of Palestinian national interests.

Abbas called on the international community to accelerate efforts to implement the Road Map peace plan, making clear that partial solutions have proved ineffective when it comes to prolonged conflicts such as the Palestinian-Israeli.

He called on Israel to recognize the Palestinian people’s right to establish a fully sovereign state over the 1967 borders; therefore, the entire conflict can be totally eliminated.

The Palestinian President pointed out that the continued Israeli settlement activities constitute a stumbling block in the face of peace and stability and that the ongoing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands since 1967, poses a threat to regional security.

Abbas’s speech came as Palestinian factions have yet failed to form a national unity government and while both Hamas and Fatah supporters are currently involved in severe fighting in Gaza that has claimed 35 lives over the past five days.