One Palestinian civilian was killed on Monday afternoon in the continuous clashes between the two Palestinian rival parties Hamas and Fatah, in Gaza city.

Palestinian medical sources reported that Wassfi Kardush, 21, was killed when a live round hit him in his heart while he was standing in front of his house in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood in the Westren side of Gaza city.

Moreover, a group of armed men working with the Hamas-affiliated executive force surrounded Ramzi Ghuben's house, located in Beit Lahiya town north of the Gaza strip. Ramzi is a leader of the Al-Aqsa brigades of Fatah. The group opened fire at the house, local sources reported damage to the house but no injuries. Eyewitnesses stated that clashes in the area are still ongoing.

Palestinian government sources reported on Monday afternoon that the office manager of the Palestinian minister of interior escaped an assassination attempt. Ibraheem Salah was entering a building in downtown Gaza city when a group of unknown gunmen opened fire at his car and injured his bodyguard Mohamed Al Khalidi, Salah escaped but Al Khalidi was admitted in the hospital with moderate wounds.

Salah also escaped an assassination attempt by the Israeli army several years ago, but he lost his daughter.