Dr. Ismail Radwan, spokesperson of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas, said on Wednesday that the movement will not recognize the “Zionist entity” and will not abandon the Palestinian national interests.The statements came in response to statements by Osama Al Baz, the political advisor of the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, who stated that Hamas proposed the possibility of recognizing Israel.


In a phone interview with the Hamas-run Palestineinfo News Website, Radwan stated that these statements are incorrect, and that the standards of Hamas are well-known to the people, and that the movement will not recognize Israel and does not agree to the conditions of the Quartet.


He added that the movement could offer Israel an extended truce if it withdraws from all of the territories that have been occupied since 1967, and if a Palestinian independent state is established.


The truce, Radwan stated, also depends on the release of all detainees and the right of return to the Palestinian refugees, but “this does not mean recognizing Israel”.


He considered the reports as smear campaigns against the movement, and said that Hamas’ position and standards are well known to every Palestinian.