The Israeli army invaded the town of Beitunyah near the northern West Bank city of Ramallah and killed two Palestinian Authority security officers on Friday at dawn.
Israeli troops broke into a building in the town center in an attempt to stage an ambush of Palestinian resistance fighters. The first one was attacked when he came out of the elevator with an M-16 and a pistol; Israeli soldiers opened fire at him and killed him.

Shortly after, a group of Palestinian security officers were spotted by Israeli troops approaching the building, soldiers fired at them and killed one. Palestinian officers responded tot the source of the fire, no injures were reported from the Israeli troops.

Palestinian sources identified the two security officers as Khaldun Shuman and Mohamed Abu Arab and stated that both are officers in the preventative security force of Fatah.

Israeli army sources stated that the attack was a \’misunderstanding\’, and that Israeli soldiers mistakenly identify Palestinian security officers as Hamas resistance fighters.

Sources in the preventative security force reported that the officers thought the soldiers were from Hamas and had come to kill them.