Palestinian security sources confirmed Friday that two security officers were killed during renewed clashes between Fatah and Hamas in the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza.
The killings brought to eight the number of those killed over the past 24 hours, as more than 80 others are wounded. Members of the executive force, belonging to the interior ministry, clashed Thursday with the Palestinian presidential security force in central Gaza Strip.

Palestinian presidency spokesman, Wael Dahab, said that the Hamas force blocked a convoy of trucks bound for the presidential force while driving by the Salaheldin road, and said that the trucks were containing logistic support not weapons.

Egypt also denied Hamas\’ claims the trucks contained any weapons.

A Hamas spokesman said that yesterday night the presidential guards force stormed into the Islamic University of Gaza, and that parts of the university were set on fire.

Maher Meqdad, Fatah’s spokesman, accused Hamas of turning the building of the interior ministry in Gaza into a military outpost, from which the executive force fired at the presidential guards and Fatah members.

Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas’s spokesman, accused the presidential guards force of using new weapons, believed to be brought from another country through the Egyptian borders.

Media reports said that the Egyptian delegation has succeeded to convince both Hamas and Fatah to hold a meeting Friday afternoon in order to work out a possible ceasefire.

Bloody incidents in Gaza came just two days after both Fatah and Hamas agreed Tuesday to a ceasefire under Egyptian mediation. Clashes between the two sides have been breaking out frequently since last December after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for early presidential and legislative elections.