After the death of 25 Palestinians in three days and the injury of more than 245 residents, the rival Fateh and Hamas factions arrived to a ceasefire deal on Friday evening.The agreement was reached under the supervision of the Egyptian security delegates at the Egyptian embassy in Gaza.


Both movements agreed to an immediate ceasefire, and agreed to hold another meeting on Sunday to determine the means that will implement a full ceasefire.


Palestinian sources reported that the Hamas political bureau chief in Syria, Khalid Mashal, phones the head of the Egyptian delegates, Borhan Hammad, and informed him his approval to the efforts practiced by Egypt to achieve ceasefire and asked Egypt to continue its mediation between the two movements.    


The meeting was attended by senior members and leaders of Hamas and Fateh.


Upon Hammad’s request, Mashal addressed, over phone, members and leaders of Hamas and Fateh who attended the meeting and asked them to achieve a ceasefire.


The meeting was also attended by Ahmad Abdul-Khaliq, member of the Egyptian mediation teams, and Hamas leaders Nizar Rayyan, Khalil Nofal and Fathi Hammad, while Fateh was represented by Abu Maher Hallas, Sameer Al Mash-harawi and Abdul-Hakim Awad.


Meanwhile, Dr. Ismail Radwan, Hamas spokesperson, issued a press release calling for withdrawing all gunmen from the streets and for the continuation of talks between the leaders of Hamas and Fateh.


He added that leaders of the two movements will meet again on Saturday to discuss and finalize the means to maintain the ceasefire without any obstacles.


Radwan confirmed that the deal was reached by the support of the Egyptian delegates, president Mahmoud Abbas, and Khalid Mashal.