Qaddoura Fares, one of the senior leaders of Fateh movement, said on Friday evening that he expects the Palestinian factions to achieve a comprehensive Unity Government deal in the coming days.In an interview with the Maan News Agency, Fares stated that the agreement could be declared in Gaza or in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, during a meeting between representatives of Hamas and Fateh.


Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas political bureau chief, Khalid Mashal, will attend the Mecca meeting.


Fares, who visited Syria recently and met with Mashal, said that he discussed with the Hamas leader several issues especially issues regarding  obstacles that unity talks are facing, and the methods to restore relations between Fateh and Hamas.


The two leaders also discussed the issue of peace talks with Israel, and the side who should be running the talks.


Moreover, Fares stated that Hamas agreed that an independent figure will be the Minister of Interior who will named by Hamas and approved by Abbas.


Fares also said that Hamas and Fateh agreed to separate between the political agenda of the movements participating in the government, and their organizational charts.


“The ministers and the prime minister will be committed to the government’s program and agenda”, Fares stated, “The government will be a coalition government, and its agenda will not be attributed to any faction”.