The district of Jenin in the northern West Bank has witnessed five Israeli army invasions on Saturday.
In Qabatiya village east of Jenin city, 20 Israeli army vehicles stormed the village and soldiers searched a number of houses. Local resistance fighters clashed with the invading troops, no injuries were reported from either side.

In Jenin city and Jenin refugee camp, other clashes were reported between local resistance fighters and invading Israeli forces on late Friday night. No injures were reported in these clashes.

Several villages near Jenin were also attacked by the Israeli army, among them the village of Burkeen where the army attacked and ransacked scores of Palestinian houses and abducted 9 Palestinian men, local sources reported.

In the dawn hours another force invaded the city of Jenin and Jenin refugee camp again. Israeli forces surrounded houses in the eastren side of the camp and in downtown Jenin city and searched them, no abductions were reported.

In the early morning hours the Israeli army invaded the nearby Arak village and searched houses, villagers stated that soldiers forced them out before searching their houses and checked their ID cards.

Israeli army sources stated that these five invasions were targeting Palestininian resistance fighters and what the army calls ‘Wanted Palestinians’.