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Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday February 5th, 2007

Israeli army abducts twelve Palestinians during morning invasions in several parts of the West Bank. Factional infighting renewed on Monday in northern Gaza, these stories and more coming up stay tuned.

The West Bank Update

On Monday morning a large Israeli army force invaded Jenin refugee camp and nearby villages in the northern West Bank, targeting armed resistance members affiliated with Islamic Jihad and Hamas, the army abducted ten residents, among them one woman.

A Palestinian media source reported that when the large-scale offensive was carried out in Jenin refugee camp, Al Aqsa Brigades fought back in resistance for an hour or so. Israeli troops used the collective-punishment tactic of threatening to demolish houses if people on their ‘wanted’ list did not surrender.

Among those abducted from Jenin refugee camp were Issam Mousa Abu Al Hija, Rami Ahmed Hallouh and his brother Ra’ed, while Izzat Abu Tha’er and Abdul Raham Mohammad Abu Allah were taken from a nearby village.

Also on Monday morning Israeli forces abducted a Palestinian woman during a morning invasion of Araba village near Jenin. Maha Al Ardah, 26, was taken from her home after troops attacked and searched her house, as well as her neighbors.

The location that these people were taken to by Israeli forces remains unknown.

On Monday morning Israeli forces invaded the village of Obaiyat east of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, and abducted one man. Troops and army jeeps closed the main entrance to the village then searched scores of villagers’ houses. They abducted Nasser Jubran, 30, and took him to an unknown military detention camp, eyewitnesses reported.

Israeli soldiers stationed at Tayasser checkpoint, east of the northern West bank city of Tubass, abducted one Palestinian man on Monday morning. Eyewitnesses stated the young man was stopped and searched by the soldiers, who handcuffed him and took him to a nearby military post, the name of the young man remains unknown.

The Gaza Update

Palestinian security sources and witnesses said on Monday that factional infighting renewed in northern Gaza, mainly near the so-called Abraj Al-Awda residential buildings and in the vicinity of the civil defense premises.

Initial reports said some injuries have taken place in the area as fighting broke out there. No medical sources confirmed causalities.

Early on Monday morning, witnesses said that gunmen, believed to be members of the Hamas-formed executive force of the interior ministry, and Ezzeldin Alqassam brigades of Hamas, attempted to place roadblocks around the house of Samih Almadhoun, a local member of Al-Aqsa Brigades, an off-shot of Fatah,.

Witnesses added that friends of Almadhoun opened fire in the air to prevent Hamas members from placing the roadblocks. No details were reported.

Both Hamas and Fatah agreed on Sunday to their ninth ceasefire in recent months, trying to put an end to fierce gun battles that have claimed lives of at least 30 Palestinians and wounded more than 250 others since last Thursday.


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