Spokesperson of the Palestinian government, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, stated on Tuesday that internal talks between Hamas and Fateh under Saudi supervision will start on Wednesday. The talks will be under direct supervision of the Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz. On Tuesday morning, Hamas and Fateh delegates arrived in Saudi Arabia and were received by the Saudi Foreign Minister, Saoud Al Faisal, the Palestinian ambassador in Mecca Jamal Shobaki, and the Palestinian Consul Taiseer Badra.


Hamad confirmed that delegates of the Palestinian government, and Hamas movement, met on Tuesday with the Saudi king.


Hamad elaborated that Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya, Foreign Minister, Mahmoud Zahhar, the Hamas political bureau chief, Khalid Mashal, his deputy Mousa Abu Mazrqouq, Hasan Sham’a, and the Palestinian ambassador, Jamal Shobaky, met with the Saudi monarch.


Also, Hamad added that the Saudi king stressed on the importance of stopping all internal clashes, and achieving a unity government.


Meanwhile, Haniyya said that the Palestinian government is determined to conduct its utmost efforts to melt the differences and achieve a unity agreement that will end the crisis and strengthen the internal Palestinian front.


On his part, Mashal said that Hamas came to Mecca with determination and true intensions to achieve a unity deal, adding that Hamas will cooperate with all parties to form a unity government.