Palestinian legislator and Fateh leader, Dr. Nabil Shaath, said on Tuesday at night that the United States and Israel are responsible for the internal Palestinian clashes and the political unrest in the occupied Palestinian territories.Shaath told Al-Jazeera Net, that the American and Israeli strategies and the siege both countries led against the Palestinian people caused political clashes between the Palestinian factions, especially Fateh and Hamas, which led to armed clashes.


Shaath also said that the Palestinians were always united, and always led their struggle against the Israeli occupation without any internal conflict or clashes.


Regarding recognizing Israel, Shaath said that Fateh movement is not demanding Hamas to recognize Israel, but Hamas members who participate in the government must recognize Israel in accordance to the Arab and international legitimacy.


He held his movement partially responsible for the internal clashes, and the failure to achieve a unity government agreement, but said that the government, headed by Hamas, holds a bigger portion of responsibility since it is responsible for maintaining law and order.


But Shaath also stated that Hamas did not have any chance to run its government and accused Israel and the United States of acting to disrupt the Hamas-led government.


Shaath added that Fateh movement did not intentionally reduce the power of Hamas by limiting the authority of the Ministry of Information, security Forces, and Border Crossings.


“These acts are based on the Palestinian constitution or deals singed between the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israel or the United States”, Shaath stated.


Regarding Fateh demand for early elections, Shaath stated that the Palestinians realized what kind of situation they will be living under the Hamas-led government.


“But if the Palestinians chose to elect Hamas again, we will respect their decision”, he added.


Moreover, Shaath stated that if a unity government deal is reached, then there would be no reason for holding early elections, and expressed hopes that the talks between Hamas and Fateh will end the state of chaos, internal clashes, and insecurity.