Palestinian medical sources confirmed that Ahmad Abu Eida, 8, died yesterday night of wounds he sustained during infighting last Thursday in the central Gaza Strip.
Dr. Moawiya Abu Hasanain, head of the emergency department at the Alshifa hospital, announced that the child had been receiving intensive care since last Thursday. He had been hit with several live bullets in different parts of the body.

Eida was shot and wounded in what are considered the fiercest gun battles between Fatah and Hamas supporters in recent months, where some hundred Palestinians have been killed and hundreds others wounded.

The death toll of the latest wave of internal violence has increased to 32 as more than 250 others have been wounded.

Rival Palestinians have been holding talks in the Saudi Arabian city of Makkah since yesterday, in an attempt to put an end the infighting and agree to a national unity government that would lift the internationally-imposed embargo.