Israeli forces invaded several parts of the northern West Bank, abducted 13 Palestinian men and injured one on Monday at dawn.
In Nablus city, one man was injured and eight others were abducted when a massive Israeli army force invaded the city and the nearby Balata refugee camp.

Local sources reported that Israeli army vehicles and bulldozers stormed the city and Balata refugee camp, and soldiers conducted a wide scale house-to-house search campaign.

Eyewitnesses stated that soldiers were shooting live rounds and sound bombs at the residents during the military operation. Samier Al Dibek, 40, was injured in his foot when he was hit with a live round which was fired at him by the army as he was standing in front of his home. Dibek was moved to the public hospital in the city.

During the search campaign eight men were abducted. Local sources identified them as; Ragheb Aliwi, 26, Iyad Duwikat, 23, and his brothers Bassam, 31, Yasser, 26, and Jihad, 32, all from Balata refugee camp. From the city of Nablus, troops abducted Mahier Salahat, 23, Samih Salem, 27, and Wajdi Al Salakha, 23. All abductees were taken to an unknown military detention camp.

In the meantime, the Israeli army also invaded the village of Zuwata, which lies to the east of Nablus city. Residents stated that soldiers and army jeeps attacked the village then searched and ransacked a number of houses on Monday at dawn. Troops abducted Mufeed Mussa and took him to an unknown location.

Also on Monday at dawn, Israeli troops invaded the city of Tulkarem, Tulkarem refugee camp and the nearby village of Bil’a. Four residents were abducted.

Local sources reported that a special army unit invaded the city and the refugee camp, searched several houses and then abducted Mohamed Radwan, 35, and took him to an unknown location. In Bil’a village Israeli troops invaded, searched houses and abducted Iyman Samara, 22, Rami Awad, 22, and his brother Raed, 18.

On Monday morning Israeli army sources reported that Israeli troops have abducted 15 Palestinian men from the northern part of the West Bank and added that all are members of the Palestinian political parties Hamas and Fatah.