The Palestinian nonviolent resistance against illegal Israeli practices continued in Bil’in on Sunday. The western Ramallah village began its protests two years ago when Israeli forces were confiscating its lands to build the Wall and expand settlements.Demonstrations continued throughout the construction and once the Wall was completed despite the protests, Bil’in residents continued the resistance.

On Sunday farmers, residents and foreign supporters attempted to reach the West Bank agricultural land. The olive groves on the land need attention but are now on the other side of the Wall. Yesterday’s resistance was part of a campaign to replant olive trees on bulldozed land.

Settlers in the illegal settlements that are scarring the West Bank arrived to discourage residents from continuing their work. No one turned back, and farmers held on tightly to their documents of ownership.

Area settlements are causing major destruction in the original towns and villages, not only through land confiscation and attacks, but by diverting water resources. Telephone and power lines have also been largely destroyed by the settlements.

When the International Court of Justice in the Hague stated that the Wall must be removed and compensation made to undo the damage, these were among the issues expected to be addressed. However, the Israeli government have failed to honor the ruling.

During Sunday’s planting efforts Israeli forces beat and arrested several residents while supporters were held at checkpoints.