The Civil Network for aiding Palestinian Refugees in Iraq reported on Tuesday night that three Palestinian refugees were abducted by an armed group in one of Baghdad’s districts.The three were identified as lawyer Ibrahim Saleh Abu Abdoun, Ayman Baha’ Ed Deen Al Marzouqi, and Waleed Khalid Sadeq.

The Network demanded the immediate release of the abductees and appealed for local humanitarian groups to act for the protection of the Palestinian refugees in Iraq.

Armed groups in Iraq have carried out several abductions of Palestinian refugees, and are responsible for several bombings that targeted Palestinian areas; dozens were killed and injured in these attacks.

Last week, one Palestinian refugee identified as Ala’ Al Shalabi was killed during a rocket attack that targeted a restaurant he works at in Baghdad.

At least 320 Palestinian refugees have been killed in Iraq since the US invasion into the country, up until the end of January 2007.

Several Palestinian refugees were abducted in January by gunmen who attacked areas inhabited by Palestinian refugees, especially Al Ameen neighborhood, Al Sina’a and Al Nidal in Baghdad.