Israeli sources reported on Tuesday that a Syrian group claimed to be holding an Israeli soldier captive. The soldier went missing in 1979; Israeli military sources expressed doubts over the credibility of the group’s claim.A Syrian organization devoted to the Liberation of the Golan Heights from Israel claimed on Tuesday that it is holding Guy Hever, who has been missing in action since August 17, 1979.

The group demanded the release of all Druze prisoners held by Israel in exchange for releasing the soldier.

 The group stated that “Israel cannot buy the soldier with dollars”, and that the only way to retrieve him is by withdrawal from the occupied Golan Heights.

 The group that claims to holding the soldier captive is known as “Resistance Committees for the Liberation of the Golan Heights”.

Israeli news reported that the group is based in Syria and “operates under the patronage of the Syrian government”, according to the report.

Israeli military and security sources said that they need to verify the report to examine its credibility.

 Several figures of the Druze community in the Golan Heights said that they are skeptical about the report, and that they do not believe that the organization in question is holding the soldier.

 The figures stated that this group could be trying to draw attention to the planned Wednesday protest on the Golan. The protest commemorates the first Druze protest against Israel’s annexation  of the Golan Heights 25 years ago.