Israeli forces launched a major abduction campaign in the Old City of Jerusalem and nearby neighborhoods on Tuesday, targeting Palestinians who had participated in demonstrations against the destruction at Al Aqsa Mosque.
During protests throughout the week Israeli forces photographed demonstrators and abducted 50 of them on Tuesday. The campaign was described as extremely violent and the first of its kind in years inside the city of Jerusalem.

Israeli forces ransacked dozens of homes and took the 50 people to Mascobia, or the Russian Compound, and detention facility in West Jerusalem. Since the bulldozers began the destruction at Moroccans Gate last week, 71 young men have been abducted.

An Israeli military spokesperson confirmed that the abductions were made based on Israeli police photographs of demonstrators participating in protests against the Israeli government’s excavations at Al Aqsa Mosque. The main targets were youths who threw stones, the army claimed.

Last Friday more that 100 Israeli police and army units attacked the Palestinian worshipers as they were leaving the Aqsa Mosque, this provoked clashes. Soldiers fired tear gas, sound bombs and live rounds and injured at least a dozen Palestinians, medical sources stated.

In addition, some Palestinians are being denied the freedom to worship as no males can enter the Mosque unless they are over 45 years of age. In the Old City’s Muslim and Christian quarters almost 2,000 settlers are occupying Palestinian houses.

Sourced from PNN