Hundreds of Palestinian civilians, members of the People’s Committee to Break the Siege and non-governmental organizations held on Wednesday a massive non-violent protest in Nablus against the Israeli occupation, roadblocks, and military procedures in the occupied West Bank.“No Occupation, No Barriers”, the protesters chanted as they marched through the streets of Nablus, in the northern part of the West Bank.

The protest was organized by The People's Committee to Break the Siege and NGOs in the Nablus District, the Palestine News Network reported.

The committee said that this protest is the echo of the popular rejection to the ongoing occupation, and ongoing humiliation at Israeli checkpoint installed across the West Bank.

The procession took off from the Martyrs Area in the center on Nablus. Union leaders, Municipality representatives and representatives of health institutions attended the protest.

The protesters only raised Palestinian flags expressing internal unity and nonpartisan struggle against the Israeli occupation. They also carried banners written in Arabic, English and Hebrew.

The Israeli army responded by pushing the protesters and verbally assaulting them

The protest’s focus was the daily difficulties that students face on daily basis when they try to travel in an out of Nablus, especially the daily difficulties students of the AL Najah University have to go through.