The Israeli army has killed one Palestinian, wounded 16 and taken prisoner 122 others over a period of one week, the Palestinian Authority-run 'Palestinian State Information Service' documented.

The report documents the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people from February 13th to February 19th, in which Israel ‘has employed all possible means at its disposal’.

The Israeli army has used excessive lethal force against Palestinian civilian populations across the occupied Palestinian territories. The force included heavy shooting at residential buildings, frequent raids on cities, towns, villages and refugee camps, installing roadblocks and checkpoints and expropriating farm lands, the report confirms.

The PSIS’s data refers to 65 Israel raids, 47 checkpoints, 87 mobile roadblocks, 6 Israeli settlers’ attacks and 294 cases of crossing and road closures.

The report reads that the Israeli army has carried out tens of other violations over the said period of time, including breaking into houses, holding hundreds of residents at checkpoints, and denying access of hundreds others through crossings.

With the latest Israeli violations, the total number of Israeli violations since the signing of the Sharm Elsheikh memorandum of understanding between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in February 2005, has mounted to 77,455. This includes 7,249 shootouts, 10,279 installations of mobile checkpoints, 10,805 people taken prisoner, 40,477 dunums of land confiscated, and 851 incidents of Israeli armed settlers attacking Palestinian civilians.

Israeli shootouts during the past couple of years have claimed the lives of 890 Palestinian men, women and children and wounded 4,166 others, the report concludes.