The Israeli army continued on Thursday its military offensive nicknamed as ‘Hot Winter’ for the fifth consecutive day, targeting the northern West Bank city of Nablus.
Today the city witnessed more military activities, during the early dawn hours an Israeli army force attacked Rafedia refugee camp searched and ransacked houses. They then abducted four Palestinian men. This attack was conducted by an ultra-Orthodox unit of the Nahal brigade of the Israeli army, Israeli media sources reported.

Later, a man the Israeli army claimed was a Palestinian resistance fighter, was injured when targeted by an Israeli sharp shooter in downtown Nablus, Israeli sources reported.

However, Palestinian sources stated that a massive Israeli force surrounded two residential buildings in Rafadia neighborhood in the western side of the city. The Israeli army claims that there are ‘wanted’ Palestinians inside; eyewitnesses stated that families and their children are trapped inside and no armed men are in the building.

Moreover, the city of Nablus has seen a massive abduction campaign since Thursday morning. Soldiers are searching homes in Balata refugee camp, in the old city, and in Rafidai refugee camp. Among those abducted were; Amer Shahin, Ghassan Zied, Zaki Dabanja. All were moved to the interrogation and detention center that the Israeli army set up in local school in the city.

The city of Nablus is currently under curfew, which is confining thousands of Palestinian families to their homes. Since Sunday morning, this Israeli offensive has left one civilian dead, at least 30 injured, and seen some160 abducted. Palestinian sources in the city stated that none of the abductees are resistance fighters, all are civilians.