Israeli sources reported Tuesday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Miniser, Ehud Olmert, are expected to hold their second summit meeting in a month.
According to the Jerusalem Post quoting Miri Eissin, spokeswoman of Olmert, the meeting would deal with humanitarian matters rather than political ones.

The meeting would be held by next week, although a fixed date has yet to be set, spokeswoman Essin said.

A trilateral summit between Abbas, Olmert and U.S Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, held in February19, produced no concrete results, as Rice will be visiting the region again for separate talks with both President Abbas and PM Olemrt.

Top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Eriqat, said the two sides had not finally agreed on a specific date for the upcoming meeting, voicing the hope they would meet soon.

The expected Abbas-Olmert meeting comes while Palestinians, including rival Hamas and Fatah, agreed to form a national unity government, ensuing the power-sharing deal reached in February in the Saudi Arabian city of Makkah.

Palestinian sources expected an announcement of the new cabinet would be made public in the next few coming days, after an agreement on the post of interior minister, an independent candidate, which Hamas has named already

Mohammad Dahalan, former Palestinian minister and Fatah’s front man, was quoted as saying that such a post does not pose a major difference, while all parties concerned are keen to rehabilitate the Palestinian security establishment in a way that prevents recurrence of infighting for the next three to five years.