The Israeli army suspended on Monday an Israeli army officer, after a complaint was filed against him by Palestinian villagers in the southern West Bank after he threaten to destroy a mosque in the village, Israeli media sources reported.
In the village of Zif, near Hebron city, a mosque was attacked last week. Troops entered the village, broke the windows of its mosque, threatened to destroy it, and damaged nearby Palestinian cars. The army claimed that the action was conducted in response to Palestinian youth hurling stones at a nearby settler-only road.

The Israeli online daily, Haaretz, stated that an Israeli army spokesman said that an investigation has been launched into the matter, and that the company commander involved in the incident has been suspended until completion of the probe. The complaint was filed with the help of the organization Rabbis for Human Rights.

In the southern West Bank city of Hebron and nearby villages Israeli settlers attack Palestinians and damage their property, often with the help of Israeli soldiers or right in front of them. When Palestinian residents complain the Israeli army attack the locals instated of the settlers.