The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported on Thursday night that the acting Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, handed president Mahmoud Abbas a list containing the names of the ministers who will be appointed to the National Unity Government; Abbas accepted the line-up.In a press conference after his meeting with Abbas in Gaza, Haniyya said that the president accepted the new government formula, adding that the end of this week will witness the announcement of the formation of the new unity government.


Haniyya stated that he submitted a request to the acting head of the legislative council, Dr, Ahmad Bahar, to call for a session for the Legislative Council to hold a confidence vote.


Haniyya added that the Legislative Council will hold two parallel sessions in Gaza and Ramallah on Saturday at 11 a.m, to discuss issues regarding the new government, and that if all discussions are concluded the government would start its duties as the new national unity government.


Moreover, Haniyya said that the new government was formed in accordance to the Mecca deal, and in compliance with the marathon talks between the Palestinian factions and independent figures.


“The new government includes women, independent figures and our Christian brothers”, Haniyya stated, “We hope that it will start a new era of unity and conciliation”.


Haniyya also called for the immediate release of all Palestinian Ministers and legislators imprisoned by Israel, and demanded that Israel release all of the Palestinian detainees, most of whom are being held without trial.


He stated that the new government will work to end the internal tensions, and will reinforce its relationship with the international community.


Egypt was the first country to welcome the unity government. Several Palestinian factions also welcomed the announcement.


Meanwhile, Israeli online daily, Ynetnews, reported that Israel will not deal with the new government, and that Israel urged the international community to boycott it.


Mark Regev, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson, declared the Israeli position after Hamas and Fateh warped up the unity deal, the Ynetnews added.