The Israeli army invaded several parts of the West Bank, attacked residents’ homes and abducted 13 Palestinian civilians on Monday at dawn.
Israeli forces attacked and searched residents’ homes in the town of Qabatya south of Jenin city in the northern part of the West Bank and abducted three civilians.

Several military vehicles broke into the town in the dawn hours, soldiers searched a number of houses and ransacked them. The Israeli force then took three civilians and left, eyewitnesses reported. The three were known as Qais Hnaesha aged 22, Khaled Komail, 23 and Shadi Zkarna, 23.

Five civilians were also abducted on Monday at dawn from the village of Kufer Qadom east of Qalqilia city in the northren West Bank.

An Israeli army force invaded the village, attacked residents’ houses and conducted a wide scale house to house search; residents stated that soldiers fired sound bombs and live rounds into their homes during the invasion. Soldiers left the village after some time, taking five men to unknown detention camps.

Those abducted were known as Rami Gomaah, 28, Ala Gomaah, 28, Amgad Gomaah, 32, Youssef Ebeid, 26, and Thameen Barham, 30.

Israeli media sources reported that the Israeli army conducted invasions in the cities of Nablus, Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah in the West Bank, and abducted 13 Palestinians on Monday at dawn. The Israeli army claimed that all 13 are ‘Wanted Palestinian resistance activists’, the Israeli sources stated.

Local sources in the West Bank stated that all of the abductees are civilians.