Palestinian media sources reported that unknown assailants, in an unknown car, opened fire early on Wednesday at a Palestinian security outpost in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, wounding at least two security personnel.

The sources said that a presidential security guards’ outpost was hit with several bullets in a driving-by shooting, wounding Ahmad Alyazouri and Abdelaziz Awad, while leaving a third out of consciousness.

No body has claimed responsibility for the shootout.

Palestinians have inaugurated their first-ever unity government, in a bid to put and end to internecine infighting between Hamas and Fatah groups that has claimed lives of hundreds of Palestinians and wounded hundreds others.

Hamas and Fatah have been recently reportedly involved in small-scale renewed clashes in different parts of the Gaza Strip, despite February ceasefire deal agreed upon under Saudi auspices in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Makkah.