Palestinian security sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Thursday night that bodies of two residents were found in the Central and the eastern parts of the Gaza Strip. Shots were also fired at a third resident, one UNRWA vehicle was hijacked in Gaza and two Executive Force vehicles were hijacked and burnt in Al Shujaeyya neighborhood in Gaza City.The sources stated that the Palestinian police located on Thursday morning the body of Farid Daghmash, aged 20, near a concrete factory close to Juhr Al Deek area, in the Central Gaza Strip.

Daghmash was hit by a live round, marks of torture were found on his body and a wire was found around his neck.

Also on Thursday, the body of Sameer Othman Helles, 48, was located near Al Shuhada Graveyard east of Gaza City. His body was moved to Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Meanwhile, gunmen from Helles' family hijacked two vehicles that belong to the Executive Force and burnt them. Clashes took place after the attack, the Arabs48 news website reported.

Also in Gaza, gunmen fired at a member of the Palestinian Preventive Security Force and wounded him in his legs. The security force member was identified as Fayiz Hasan Qeider, 49.

In a separate attack, one UNRWA vehicle was burnt near Palestine Tower in the center of Gaza City.

On Wednesday, Fateh and Hamas gunmen exchanged fire in the northern part of the Gaza Stip; one Aqsa Brigades member, the armed wing of Fateh, was killed and eleven civilians were injured.

Also on Wednesday, gunmen of the Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, fired two RPG shells at the house of Sameeh Al Madhoun. Ramiz Yousef Srour, 24, one of the attendants of Al Madhoun, was killed in the attack. Several other residents were injured

Other conflicting reports stated that Al Madhoun was killed when an RPG shell detonated as he was attempting to fire it.

Moreover, the Hamas movement accused Fateh members of attacking a mosque in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Abdul-Latif Al Qanou’, Hamas spokesperson in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, said that “Fateh gunmen attacked the Salah Shihada Mosque”, in Beit Lahia.

According to Al Qanou’, Fateh gunmen attacked the same mosque several weeks ago, and killed three Hamas members. Al Qanou’ also said that the assailants broke the doors of the mosque, which is still under construction.