As attacks continued against the Palestinian refugees in Iraq, and as their conditions continued to worsen, they called on the Arab leaders holding a summit in Saudi Arabia to adopt practical measures to rescue them and get them out of Iraq.

The refugees sent a statement to the summit asking the participants “not to allow the Iraqi delegation to side-step their issue”, and asking them not to believe the delegation’s pledges of protecting them.

 They said that the Iraqi government is not interested in protecting the refugees “since it had many chances to do so, but chose not to”, and accused the Iraqi government of “giving orders for committing crimes against the refugees”.

The refugees also said that the government repeatedly vowed in several previous conferences that it would provide the Palestinian refugees with the needed protection “but waged more violent attacks against them”.

 In their message to the summit, the refugees stated that there is a growing rejection to their presence in Iraq.

“If the summit only voices a naïve statement calling for our protection, the leaders should know that they have fired the mercy bullet at us”, the letter of the refugee reads, “a naïve statement would be similar to passing a death sentence on the refugees who remain here”.