Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, said Saturday the government is following up closely and seriously the case of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, who was abducted last month by unknown gunmen in Gaza.
The PM maintained that his cabinet is coordinating with concerned security services to secure Johnston’s release and wrap up such a ‘sorrowful profile’ once and for all.

The government will employ all means at its disposal to prevent any harm to the abducted journalist, and will reject any maneuvers to exchange Johnston for a ransom or any political extortion, Haniya pointed out

The Palestinian premier also confirmed that the government is updating the British government with latest moves to secure the release, asserting the supremacy of law and order across the Gaza strip and that he will bring to justice all those involved in the abduction.

Cabinet spokesperson, Ghazi Hammad, believed yesterday that the whole issue would come to an end within the next couple of days.

Alan Johnston, a veteran BBC reporter, was abducted in March12 by unknown gunmen in Gaza. Johnston has stayed over the past three years in Gaza, reporting on the Palestinian situation including Israeli attacks, internal violence and other walks of Palestinian life.

His abduction is said to be the longest in a series of kidnappings in the Gaza Strip over the past three years. At least 15 foreign journalists have been abducted and released unharmed since 2004.