Palestinian security sources in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, reported on Sunday that two residents were shot and killed by unknown gunmen in two separate incidents. The two were identified as Isam Deeb Al Skafy, 30, and Hisham Faraj Kaware’, 32.The sources stated that the body of Al Skafy was located north west of Khan Younis, close to the evacuated Israeli settlement of Nitzer Hazani. He was shot with a live round to his head.

Meanwhile, the body of Kaware’ was located east of Khan Younis; he was also shot in the head.

The security sources stated that dozens of gunmen from the Kaware’ family and members of the Executive Force are currently on the streets, particularly around Nasser Hospital in the city.

Residents of Khan Younis fear a further escalation of violence and more armed clashes, especially since members of the Kaware’ family accused Hamas' Executive Force of killing Isam.

Dozens of Palestinian policemen and security forces were deployed in the area and initiated investigations.

The two crimes are considered a challenge to the new security plan set by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior to eliminate chaos and insecurity in the Gaza Strip. Khan Younis is one of the main Palestinian areas to have witnessed the worst incidents of chaos, destruction and killings.