Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, denied reports that stated that it agreed with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on a comprehensive truce with Israel, and stated that resistance will continue as long as there is occupation. Fawzi Barhoum, the official spokesperson of Hamas, told the Hamas-run news website “Palestinian Information Center” on Thursday that talks of a truce with the occupation are rejected, and that resistance is a legitimate right of the Palestinian people living under occupation.

Barhoum added that “as long as there is occupation, Hamas will continue to fight.

He also said that one of the articles of the National Unity Agreement states that resistance, including popular struggle, against the occupation is a legitimate right, and that the Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves and their land.

Barhoum also objected to the statement of Abbas’ media advisor, Nabil Amro, who stated that Hamas is changing its positions gradually in order to comply with the demands of the international community.

But, Barhoum elaborated that Hamas will not isolate itself from the world, and is giving the unity government a chance to break the siege.

Furthermore, Barhoum said that Hamas cannot abandon the Palestinian standards and positions regarding the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees, Jerusalem,the release of all detainees held by Israel, and all other important issues.

“Hamas supports any Arab or international effort that would support the Palestinians and their steadfastness”, Barhoum added, “This does not mean that the movement is willing to recognize the Zionist occupation”.

“Hamas knows how to defend its agenda”, he said, “It has a political agenda, and an agenda of resistance”.