As the Palestinian government is preparing to implement the newly approved security plan, chaos in Gaza intensified, leading to further civilian casualties and the destruction of private and public property.

The most recent incidents claimed the lives of three people, including two brothers in Gaza City.

The two brothers were killed by gunmen on the Coastal Road in Gaza city, and a third resident was shot and injured during the attack, while the causes and background of this deadly incident remain unknown.

In a separate incident, the body of Hasan Abu Sharkh, who was abducted by unknown gunmen earlier on Monday, was found in Tal Al Hawa area in Gaza city. Abu Sharkh owns a store for electric devices.

Another person, identified as Mohammad As’ad Abu Amro, was shot and injured by unknown gunmen.

Moreover, gunmen opened fire at a resident of Jabalia, and tried to abduct him. The resident survived the attack as an Executive Force security patrol was driving in the area. Members of the Exeucitive Force opened fire at the gunmen to deter them.

In a separate attack that took place on Sunday night, a Palestinian security officer was shot and injured in Khan Younis after an armed group opened fire at a Palestinian security post. The injured officer was identified as Atef Ibrahim Suleiman.

Gunmen also opened fire at a Palestinian security force in Khan Younis, and then fled the scene.

Meanwhile, Yousef Ahmad, the political advisor of the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, said that the coming days will witness the implementation of a new security plan that was recently approved in order to end the chaos.

Yousef stated that this plan will involve finding and arresting the gunmen who are responsible for chaos and clashes in the Gaza Strip.

The plan will also include reforming the judicial authorities, and disarming the groups that are found to cause chaos and insecurity in the Gaza Strip.