The Higher Follow-up Committee for National and Islamic Factions held an urgent meeting on Tuesday to discuss the recent escalation in Israeli military attacks and assassinations of Palestinians. They issued a press release calling on the Palestinian factions to continue their resistance against the occupation, calling them to end the chaos and insecurity.The committee stated that the occupation renewed the assassinations against the fighters, and is continuing to attack the Palestinian people. It further stated that all factions must unite in order to resist the occupation, and to fortify the Palestinian internal front.

Also, the committee said that all internal clashes and tensions must be stopped immediately since they weaken the Palestinian people and fighters as the occupation resumes its invasions, attacks and expansion policies into the occupied territories.

The committee said in its statement that some suspicious groups are attacking governmental and private institutions in addition to attacking libraries, worship places and shops, and are abducting reporters.

These groups, the statement added, are using the state of insecurity in order to carry out their attacks and spread chaos in the Palestinian territories.

The Follow-up Committee stated that these incidents and attacks are harming the Palestinian cause and struggle, and are also harming the international solidarity with the Palestinian cause. It called on the Palestinian people to unite and counteract these incidents with determination since these groups are acting against the Palestinian interests.

The Committee called on the Palestinian Government and the Palestinian President to take the necessary measures in order to counter these dangerous incidents and to arrest the assailants.

Furthermore, the Committee added that the Legislative Council must monitor the government and evaluate its conducts in countering insecurity and chaos. The Committee slammed the attacks against private and public places, and called for unity among the people and all resistance factions. He added that the Israeli occupation is ongoing with its assaults and is benefiting from the chaos and insecurity in the occupied territories.