An undercover Israeli army force kidnapped on Wednesday at dawn five Palestinian men from the southern West Bank city of Hebron and a nearby village.

Palestinian sources reported that an undercover Israeli army force ambushed four Palestinian men on the main road between the villages of Yatta and Al Samu'a, near Hebron city. Troops stopped the car with four men inside then kidnapped them. Later the four were found to be Aqsa brigades activists, of the armed wing of Fatah.

The Israeli army stated that its troops set up the ambush late on Tuesday night, based on intelligence information that there was four Palestinian 'Wanted men' driving their car on Yatta – Al Samu'a road.

Local sources in Hebron city identified the four as Mohamed Al Shawaheen, 43, who works as a cab driver in Hebron, Hassan Al Haliess, 28, works in the Palestinian police forces in Hebron, Ahmad Abu Hassan, 34, works as a teacher in Hebron, Mohamed Abu Hassan, 30, who works as a Palestinian security officer in the city, all four were taken to unknown detention camps, the sources added.

In related news, Israeli forces invaded the village of Beit Omer, north of Hebron, on Tuesday late at night. They searched a number of homes and kidnapped one civilian. Eyewitnesses reported that during the house search troops clashed with the local youth, no injures were reported. Sources in the village identified the kidnapped man as Sa'eed Quqaz, 30. He was taken to an unknown detention camp.