Mohammad Nazzal, member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas, stated on Thursday that the meeting between the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas political Bureau Chief in Syria, Khalid Mashal, will be held on Friday or Saturday in CairoNazzal stated that the two leaders will discuss the further steps for the implementation on the Mecca unity deal.

He added that this summit is very important especially under the current conditions, and that Abbas and Mashal will focus on three important issues: reactivating the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the internal situation including the government, and political partnership.

The meeting will also discuss the current crisis which ensued after the Interior Minister, Hani Al Qawasmi, submitted his resignation.

Nazzal told Al Quds Press that Mashal represents Hamas, and that such an issue should be discussed between the government and the president.

“As for the upcoming Cairo summit between Abbas and Mashal, Hamas will discuss the major issues”, Al Qawasmi stated.