Various Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza showed dissatisfaction Sunday with statements by the Gaza-based Egyptian security delegation, which described the homemade shells as ‘lost gambling’.

Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Ismail Radwan said ‘resistance is a legitimate Palestinian right’ international laws have guaranteed.

Radwan was quoted as saying “the Palestinian resistance factions have committed enough to the ceasefire with Israel, yet the Israelis violated it by carrying out aggressive attacks”.

He added that as long as the Israelis continue to violate the ceasefire, the homemade shells will continue to land on Israeli towns

A senior leader of the Islamic Jihad group, Khader Habeeb, said that he disagrees with the remarks by the Egyptian delegation; however, he believes that firing homemade shells should not be excessive.

Spokesman of the Salah Eldin brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, Abu Sharif, refuted the Egyptian statements, considering them ‘accusations against the Palestinian people”.

Several Palestinian groups are due to hold a meeting on Monday, Palestinian media sources reported.

Over the past few days, situation on the ground has been deteriorated following Israeli killing of 9 Palestinians including passersby in the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinians resumed homemade shells fire afterwards, making the half-year-long ceasefire untenable.