Six Palestinian family members were reportedly wounded on Monday evening in the Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, medics said.
The medics added that the injured were hit hurt during family clashes in the city, describing their injuries as moderate and light and that at least two of them were ejected.

Governor of Khan Younis condemned the incidents and urged the residents to avoid violence in tackling their differences.

Meanwhile, a number of the families, whose sons are being jailed in Egypt, attempted yesterday to break into the Egyptian representative office in the city, demanding release of the their sons.

Palestinian presidential guards prevented the angry crowds from entering the building by shooting rounds of fire in the air.

The ruling Hamas movement condemned the attempt and called on these families to ‘be patient’ in claiming the release, while it called upon the Egyptian authorities to understand the families’ concern over their imprisoned sons’.

The detainees’ families have been holding a sit-in tent in front of the Egyptian office over the past couple of days.

A similar attempt happened yesterday in front of the Egyptian embassy in Gaza City, where tens of angry family members, whose sons are also held by Egypt, forcibly broke into the embassy, yet security forces prevented them by force.

Officials at the Egyptian embassy promised that the Egyptian authorities will consider the case within the next two months.

On September12, 2005, the day Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip, thousands of Palestinians made their way into the Egyptian territories via Gaza-Egypt border line in southern Gaza. Some hundred of them were reportedly arrested by the Egyptian authorities.