The Al Sharq Al Awsat (Middle East) newspaper reported on Friday that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said in a closed session with some of his aides that holding early legislative and presidential elections in inevitable as several European countries, and the United States, reject to deal with the new government.A senior Palestinian source, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that Abbas returned disappointed after his recent European and Arabic tour since the European countries informed him that they cannot override the US position which rejects dealing with the new government.


The source added that Abbas believes that new elections could change the power dynamic in the Palestinian area and could lead to forming a new government which is acceptable by the international community.


The source also said that Abbas was surprised by the position of some Arab countries who told him that he must coordinate the transfer of any aid money with the US administration.


The Palestinian officials who met with Abbas, including members of the Executive Committee of Fateh movement, warned that if he declares new elections, clashes between Hamas and Fateh gunmen will be renewed.


They added that even if these elections were held, there is no guarantee that Fateh will win, especially amidst the increasing divisions in the movement.


Recently, Palestinian media outlets reported that a number of European Countries, and some Arab states, called on Abbas to call for early elections while hoping that the new elections will remove Hamas from power.