Israeli forces invaded the villages of Nahalen and Al Shawaorah villages near the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem on Thursday and kidnapped two residents.
Tayesser Al Najajrah, 36, was taken from his home located in Nahalen village west of Bethlehem when troops attacked and searched his home, eyewitnesses reported.

In the meantime another force invaded Al Shawaorah village east of Bethlehem soldiers surrounded the house of Ahmad Salem, who the army clams to be on their Wanted lest, soldiers threatened to demolish the house if Salem did not surrender.

Ahmad was not at home soldiers entered the house ransacked it then took Ahmad youngest brother Morad to unknown detention camp. Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces still detains the wife of Ahmad and his one month old baby inside the house.

During the military operation Israeli soldiers fired tier gas at the residents who gathered around the house, medical sources reported that several residents were transported to nearby clinic after inhaling tear gas.