A massive Israeli force invaded the northern West Bank city Nablus and the nearby Balata refugee camp, during the invasion the Israeli army searched homes and injured two civilians, on Monday morning.
Israeli military vehicles rolled into the city, some of them took over the down town Nablus city and started to search homes in the meantime a number of military jeeps proceeded and attacked home in the nearby Balata refugee camp, witnesses reported.

During the invasion the Israeli troops fired live rounds and sounds bombs randomly into residents’ homes injuring two, medical sources reported.

The army left the area after several hours without making any abductions but damage to residents’ homes were reported.

Last week Israeli troops opened fire randomly at residents’ homes and killed an unborn baby after shooting and injuring the mother. Maha Al Katoumi, 29, a pregnant Palestinian woman, was in her house during the Israeli army attack on Al Ein refugee camp near Nablus. During the incursion, local resistance fighters clashed with the invading troops and Israeli soldiers opened fire randomly at residents’ homes. One of their rounds hit Al Katoumi in her abdomen, killing her 7 month fetus