Taiseer Khalid, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, stated on Monday that the internal clashes in Gaza stem from the lack of law and the political will to resolve the conflict.Khalid stated that the violent incidents, the killings and abductions, are caused by the absence of a real will from the presidency and the government to resolve the real basis violence, insecurity, abductions, and attacks.

He also said that these attacks are targeting the residents and their properties, and are encouraging the means of violence in resolving political conflicts.    

Khalid added that there is a total absence of law and order in the Gaza Strip and an absences of a real political will to end these clashes.

He also said that this violence, and the language of guns, is giving the militias of Fateh and Hamas the opportunity to continue their attacks which are mainly stemming from clan fights, and is delivering a message to the world that the Palestinians are not yet ready to have power, democracy and sovereignty.

Furthermore, Khalid stated that these incidents are serving the interest of the Israeli occupation and to the countries that support this occupation.

He called on Fateh and Hamas to end these violent clashes and to end their fight over power, and added that the Palestinian Authority is on the verge of collapse as a result of the unjust Israeli-American led siege.

Khalid called on president Mahmoud Abbas, and the government, to start practical measures that would end the clashes and would end all sorts of chaos and insecurity in the Gaza Strip.

A general strike was carried out on Monday by government institutions in the Gaza Strip, one day after two Palestinians were killed and more than twenty were injured, and at least eight Palestinians were killed in recent clashed over the last several days.

Although Fateh and Hamas met under Egyptian supervision and announced  they will end the clashes, residents of the Gaza Strip woke up on the sounds of gunfire and bombs, and gunmen were seen in every corner of Gaza City.

The clashes were described as the worst since February after Saudi Arabia intervened between Fateh and Hamas following deadly and ongoing clashes that caused dozens of casualties and huge destruction.