After the violent clashes resumed in the Gaza Strip, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) demanded Hamas and Fateh movements to end the internal clashes and return to the negotiations table.Jmail Mizhir, a PFLP leader, stated that in spite of an Egyptian mediated agreement between Fateh and Hamas, the clashes resumed in the Gaza Strip, and masked gunmen are seen in every street in Gaza  and the Northern Districts.

Mizhir said that this means the resumption of bloody clashes between gunmen of the two movements, which only serves the Israeli interests.

He also said that the PFLP repeatedly warned that the bilateral political partnership between Hamas and Fateh in the Mecca Unity Deal, has failed in resolving the real issues and the real crises, and added that “it became clear that gunmen of the two movements seemed to be preparing for a new wave of violence”.

Mizhir stated that these violent clashes are weakening the Palestinian society and weakening the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation.

The PFLP called on Fateh and Hamas to immediately stop the clashes and withdraw their gunmen from the streets, and to return to the negotiations table in order to end the tension and create the real foundations for a new era ruled by democratic dialogue.

The PFLP stated that Israel is preparing for a new large-scaled aggression on the Gaza Strip, therefore all Palestinian factions are required to unite and prepare a joint leadership which represents all factions.

The PFLP also called on all civil society institutions to form popular committees to protect the Palestinian neighborhoods and to counter the chaos and insecurity in the Gaza Strip.