Eight presidential guards’ officers were killed near Al Mintar in northern Gaza Tuesday morning during the continuous clashes between the presidential guards and Al Qassam members, the armed wing of Hamas and the executive force of the Ministry of interior affairs.
In an attempted attack on the roadblock, an Israeli helicopter shot dead one of the Al Qassam members.

Islam Shahwan, the executive force spokesperson, denies taking any role in the operation on the roadblock, despite reports from Palestinian sources indicating that members of the executive force had participated in the attack.

Fearing attacks, the Israeli army had attempted to move to the roadblock. Colonel Al Qaysi, the spokesperson of presidential guards, said to the Palestinian News Agency on Tuesday Morning that massive clashes between the Al Qassam brigades, the executive force, the presidential guards and the national Security members had taken place near the roadblock.

The Al Qassam brigades fired on the roadblock using home-made shells, taking cover in the high buildings that surround the post.

Al Qaysi expressed his fears concerning continued events in the area, pointing out that, due to the presence of nearby fuel tanks and an industrial zone containing highly flammable materials, a serious disaster is likelihood if attacks continue.