Israeli forces invaded Jenin refugee camp located in Jenin city in the northern part of the West bank and injured one child, in the meantime another force invaded a nearby village and kidnapped one civilian on Tuesday morning.
Medical sources in Jenin refugee camp stated that Mohamed Mofed, 16, was in his house when he was injured after Israeli troops opened fire randomly into residents’ homes and searched a number of them, the boy was moderately injured and moved to a nearby hospital for treatment, the sources added.

Also on Tuesday morning another force stormed the down town Jenin city, searched and ransacked number homes then left, no kidnappings were reported.

In the meantime the Israeli army attacked and searched homes in Kufer Ra’e village south west of Jenin, soldiers entered the village from several directions, witnesses said that troops stopped some Palestinian cars forces people out of them then kidnapped one young man, he was known as Issam Milihim, 21. his family reported that he was on his way to the university when he was kidnapped by the Israeli army.