Khalid Jaradat, one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad, appealed on Thursday the leaders, members and supporters of Fateh and Hamas movements to stop the daily bloody clashes in the Gaza Strip and to reaffirm the Palestinian unity.Jaradat stated that these clashes and the ongoing killing and destruction of public and private property “only serve the interests of the occupation and the enemies of the Palestinian cause”.

He added that the Palestinian people are suffering on daily basis as Israel continues its occupation, its attacks, assassinations and arrests.

“In the name of the martyrs, the detainees, and every concerned Palestinian, we appeal you to stop these clashes, and to start withdrawing the arms and gunmen from the streets”, Jaradat said, “Our bigger battle is with the occupation, we need to be united, Fateh, Hamas, and every party and resident, we are facing the same fierce war by the occupation”.

Jaradat also said that there are continuous efforts conducted by several factions to overcome the obstacles and resume the internal dialogue between Fateh and Hamas in order to stop the clashes, chaos and insecurity.