The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) issued a press release on the fifty-ninth anniversary of the Nakba and called on the end of all clashes between Fateh and Hamas gunmen in the Gaza Strip.  The PLC stated that as Israel is ongoing with its attacks against Muslim and Christian Holy places, and is ongoing with its attacks, assassinations and invasions against the Palestinian people, the clashes in the Gaza Strip continue to serve the Israeli interests and plans to divide the Palestinian people.

The statement also accused Israel of acting in order to inflame the internal clashes by carrying attacks and infiltrating through the Palestinians to create further tension.

According to the PLC statement, the eight members of the Palestinian National Security Force who were killed on Wednesday were attacked by the Israeli army and not by Hamas fighters, and that the army also shelled a post which belongs to the Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

The PLC, which is dominated by Hamas, stated that every Palestinian should refrain from using weapons in order to resolve internal conflicts or differences, and called on all gunmen to place the interests of the people and the countrty ahead of any personal interests.

The PLC statement expressed support to the one-sided truce offered by Hamas, and called on president Mahmoud Abbas, who is also the head of Fateh movement, to issue direct orders to all Fateh gunmen to ceasefire.

The statement also appealed every Palestinian faction to take an active role in stopping the clashes in order to end the current crisis.

It called on Hamas and Fateh to aid the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in implementing its security plan in order to withdraw all gunmen from the streets and resolve the crises from its basis so the Palestinians can restore security.

The PLC called on all media outlets in Palestine to refrain from broadcasting and publishing any materials that include incitement, and to concentrate their efforts on maintaining and encouraging internal unity.

Moreover, the PLC slammed the shooting that targeted the Egyptian delegates on Wednesday at night in the Gaza Strip, and thanked Egypt for its role and efforts to end these clashes.

Also, the Middle East Center for Democracy and non-violence, in Tulkarem, appealed all factions, political and public figures to get actively involved in ending the clashes and maintain the Palestinan unity.

The Palestinian Ministry of Information also issued several press releases urging all gunmen to withdraw from teh streets in Gaza, and to have self-restraint.

The Ministry also called on all media outlets in Palestine to refrian from broadcasting any materials that includes incitement, and to encourage the efforts to maintain calm.