At least 25 Palestinian detainees were injured on Sunday in the Israeli Negev detention facility after Israeli soldiers attacked them with batons when they protested against the transfer of 250 detainees to other facilities.In a phone call, one of the detainees reported that the prison administration has stepped its attacks against the detainees and informed them that it intends to transfer 250 detainees to other facilities.

The detainees considered this decision was part of the Israeli collective punishment policies, and as a revenge to a previous incident were some soldiers were attacked by a number of detainees at one of the facility’s sections.

Commenting on the recent attack, the detainees stated that soldiers broke into several sections in the facility and attacked dozens of detainees.

The soldiers also interrogated and tortured a number of detainees, and two of the attacked detainees were severely bleeding.

The detainees demanded all human rights organizations to intervene and stop the Israeli attacks against them.