Palestinian Information Minister, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, stated on Tuesday that the Israeli government’s rejection of a truce offer from the Palestinian Government proves that Israel is responsible for the military escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Barghouthi reported that Israel did not only reject the offer but also escalated shelling and targeted-assassinations in the region, proving that it is not a partner in the peace process.

He also stated that Israeli threats to carry out a widespread military invasion seven kilometers into the border between Gaza and Israel should be considered a most dangerous threat and a move that that would exacerbate violence and tension in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Barghouthi added that since the formation of the National Unity Government two months ago, the Israeli army has killed 63 Palestinians, while only one Israeli has died. He added that the state of Israel should be held responsible for the death of the Israeli woman for it was it that widened the circle of violence by failing to accept the offer of a truce, instead opting to continue the bombardment of Gaza and releasing press statements that threatened the assassination of Palestinian government ministers and officials.

“This proves that Israel does not wish to be a peace partner, that it prefers aggression and escalation to truce and negotiations”, Dr. Barghouthi stated.