Palestinian medical and security sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Wednesday at night that Israeli soldiers shelled several stores in Gaza City, and a residential area close to the Rafah International Airport, four residents was injured.Eyewitnesses in Gaza reported that the Israeli air force fired at least one missile at stores in the center of Gaza city causing excessive damage.

Also, one resident was seriously injured after the army fired artillery shells at a residential area close to the Rafah International Airport, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

At least three other residents were injured after the Israeli air force fired missiles at a money changer shop in Al Saraya area, in Gaza City; the shop is adjacent to Palestinian security headquarters.

Dr. Muawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that the three injured residents were hit by shell fragments in several parts of their bodies.

The injured residents were transferred to the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza city.

In a spate incident, one resident identified as Mohammad Ahmad Mansour, 25, died on Wednesday at night of wounds sustained last week during internal clashes between Fateh and Hamas gunmen.

The resident suffered serious wounds and needed further treatment but Israel rejected a Palestinian request to transfer him to an Israeli hospital.

Palestinian hospitals and medical centers are lacking the fundamental medical equipment due to the continued Israel siege over the Gaza Strip.