The Israeli army invaded several areas in Hebron region searched and ransacked homes injuring one civilian and kidnapping seven others among them three Mayors, on Thursday morning.

Ahmad Al Najar, 17 was moderately injured during clashes that erupted when Israeli troops invaded the village of Yatta near Hebron and searched homes there; another civilian was kidnapped by Israeli troops at a military checkpoint located outside Yatta.

In the meantime forces invaded the villages of Al Samou’a, Beit Kahil and Tafouha, near Hebron and searched homes in those villages and in the city of Hebron, during the attack soldiers kidnapped six civilians among them three Mayors.

Local sources reported that soldiers kidnapped Jamal Abu Al Jadaiyl, the Mayor of Al Al Samou’a, Khaled Al Turdah, the Mayor of Tafouha, and Ahmad Asafrah, the Mayor Beit Kahil, all were taken to unknown detention camps.

Also during the attack soldiers searched and ransacked two charitable societies offices, on in Dora village near Hebron and the other located in Tafouha, witnesses reported that soldiers damaged belongings and took computers and files before leaving.

Israeli soldiers invaded on Thursday at dawn several Palestinian cities and towns and kidnapped the Palestinian Education Minister along at least thirty mayors, legislators and officials and Hamas supporters.

This is the second massive kidnapping campaign that targets senior Palestinian officials, mainly Hamas members and supporters, since last summer after the Palestinian resistance captured the Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit, in the first campaign Israeli soldiers kidnapped at least 40 Palestinian officials and law makers.