The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), based in Gaza published its weekly report on the Israeli violations against the Palestinians in the occupied territories in the period between May 17 – May 23. The Center reported that soldiers killed 32 Palestinians, including 7 children, in the Gaza Strip.All of the casualties were killed during Israeli air strikes to the Gaza Strip, 15 of them were members of the resistance and 17, including 7 children, were ordinary civilians.

A total of 102 Palestinians, including 78 civilians and 2o children were injured during Israeli military attacks and invasions into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. 93 including 69 civilians were injured in the Gaza Strip. Among the injured civilians were 18 children and 10 women.

During the reported period, the Israeli army fired 46 Air-to-Surface missiles at several civilians areas, security centers, and training centers in the Gaza Strip. Dozens of civilian constructions were hit by these missiles. The army also carried several limited invasions into the Gaza Strip, and kidnapped eight residents.

In the West Bank, soldiers carried 45 invasions and kidnapped 57 residents, and four residents were kidnapped on Israeli military roadblocks.

Troops also broke into five TV and Radio stations in Nablus and Qalqilia, in the northern part of the West Bank, shut them down and confiscated their equipment.

Soldiers broke into seven charity organizations in the West Bank, while in Hebron troops broke into the office of Change and Reform Bloc, the parliamentarian bloc of Hamas.

In the West Bank city of Tubas, soldiers broke into the Legislative Council office and sealed it.

Settlers continued their attacks against the Palestinians civilians and their land in the occupied West Bank, and attacked several human rights activists.

Israeli troops detained 10 nonviolent protesters against the Wall and injured two, in addition to attacking and injuring one reporter. Two of the injured are children, and one of them was pronounced clinically dead. Also among the injured is an Italian Human Rights activist.

The Palestinian territories remained under strict siege imposed by Israel, and Israel imposed a further siege closing the Palestinian areas and isolating them from each other until further notice.  The Gaza Strip remained totally isolated from the World and continued to suffer from shortages of medicines and fuels as border and commercial crossings remained sealed.

Full PCHR Report